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A Weekend Full of Grace

I had a lovely weekend with my best friend, Grace. She brought back the VIP, or VIC, Pistol Pete to Greensburg. Missed him so much, as he is practically a member of the ShulLoudon family. 

Although there was the Commmunity Days event happening in Greensburg all weekend, we opted for the Andy Warhol museum, meeting for lunch at the Southern Tier Brewery, and a little Lawrenceville experience. It was just lovely. 

Certification and Other Happenings

Oh my gosh, you guys. I have enjoyed being at Greensburg Salem Middle School so very much! I have been trying to get involved with all that I can at school and outside of school. I just love it here. I am volunteering at a Color Run for the district and I hope that I can get my foot in the door. I promise I’m a really good teacher, guys! 

Also in other HUGE NEWS, I am officially a licensed teacher in Pennsylvania! I am certified in grades 4-6 in all subjects (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math), and in grades 7-8 in Science! I am so beyond grateful for Doug and my family’s support. I cannot believe that it happened! Yay to the State of Pennsylvania for getting my application process in 4 weeks instead of the posted 7 weeks. It was a pleasant surprise to get the licensure earlier than anticipated. I had been getting anxious because many of the job applications require a PA Teacher’s Certification in order to submit. 

I mailed out our wedding invitations on Monday as well! Yahoo! Keep an eye open for mail day! RSVPs are due on June 22nd. Last day to reserve your hotel room at the Craddock Terry Hotel is June 6th. It is coming up soon, so I wanted to keep ya’ll updated! 

Here is my favorite picture of us from over the weekend at Jess and Jake’s wedding. 

 We went to Jessica and Jake’s wedding in Cape Nettick, Maine. The wedding was lovely and it was oh so nice to see my future family. I already think of them as family right now. It will just be official once I become Michele Shull Loudon! I got to spend time with my future mother-in-law Trina, Doug’s “Uncle” Lester, his brother Ross, and got to spend a whole day with Evan in Bristol, Connecticut! It was a great trip, but I missed my kiddos here at school. Funny how a little amount of time can make you so attached to your students! Hope everyone has had a nice Wednesday!

A Sneek Peak of Our Wedding

I cannot wait to officially join lives to become a family with my Doug on top of Sharp Top Mountain. 

My mom, sister, and I went to go scope out everything and we had a great weekend together. It was so nice to spend Mother’s Day with my favorite mothers! It was full of running around with wedding errands, avoiding Donald Trump, everything associated with the Liberty University graduation and eating lots of food. We stayed in Roanoke downtown at the Hampton Inn and ate downtown both Friday and Saturday for dinner. I hadn’t spent much time in Roanoke, but it was nice! 

We cannot wait until 07.07.17!

On Saturday, we went to the jewelry store, sampled the cake, went to lunch, rode up the mountain and reached the summit! It was harder to reach the top than we had originally thought, but look at these gorgeous pictures! This view is definitely worth it. 

13 Reasons Why Not

These past couple of weeks, I have watched a new series by Netflix called 13 Reasons Why. I had been hearing that I needed to see it from some of the 6th grade students I had been substituting teaching and wondered what was all the fuss about. I had also heard that some school boards were sending letters home about it, and wanted to throw my opinionated hat in the ring. 

Your teenagers should not be watching this show. 

Here is why:

  1. It not only glamourizes suicide, but implies that revenge can be sought after death. The main character, Hannah, left behind 13 reasons why she decided to end her life. Each tape, and reason, was dedicated to a person who helped contributed to her suicide. 
  2. During the last episode, you actually see the main character commit suicide by cutting her wrists in the bathtub. It was easily the most graphic cinematic moment I have ever seen (aside from Saving Private Ryan’s opening scene). 
  3. The characters depicted are stereotypes, shallow and poorly developed. I could not identify with any of them, and I was a fairly well-adjusted teenager. 
  4. The how glazes over the impact of bullying via social networking or ‘online bullying’. Because, isn’t that where most of it happens now? That is where the entirety of bullying experience I have in 8 years of teaching comes from now. It is all done online because it is so easy to have a pseudonym…HELLO trolls!?
  5. The nuance that is in the telling of the original story is lost in the stereotypical characters. Like almost every film, the book is better even though it was told by a middle-age white male who more-than-likely has not experienced sexual assault. 
  6. Suicide is not revenge or peaceful, which the show depicts it as. It is the ending of a life that could have been filled with so much goodness brought to the world. 
  7. The acting was terrible. Period. 
  8. The show does not give a productive conclusion for men and women who have been victims of sexual assault. This theme recurred throughout the show, and there was absolutely no closure for the characters who experienced it. Nothing happened to the rapist who raped both Hannah and Jessica Davis. 

The only upside I personally see to this show is that it makes you realize how important kindness is… but we all knew that didn’t we? 

Don’t waste your time. 

Word Wednesday 

Today, I got to be a Special Education teacher for the fourth grade. This particular mix of students was great. They are such hard workers! We prepped for the math state test, practiced spelling words and using a protractor. I also got to have a bit of fun with them and ask about their favorite word they have learned this year for “Word Wednesday”. In case the photo is not legible, some of the answers they gave are:

  • Lunar
  • Overdrive
  • Overheat
  • Exclamatory
  • Magnificent
  • Multiply
  • Pink
  • No school ( 😝)

Monday Sorta Tuesday

So, today was the first day back after a “Spring Break” at the school I am substituting at in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Apparently it is not a thing to take a full week for Spring Break here in PA. I think that is so strange, but I will have to get used to it.

This whole not planning lessons, assessments, or making educational decisions thing is very difficult to get adjusted to. I really miss making instructional decisions that are best for ‘my kids’. I miss Hargrave, which is totally weird because I have literally never missed that institution since I left. Have missed some of the people like crazy, but not many of the decisions that were made… Also, it is weird that I haven’t had a group of ‘my kids’ since 2015. {I mean my own student learners in my class. I do not have children. Lawd help me.}

What happened to being a classroom teacher?! I so miss that.  Don’t quite remember why I gave that up in the first place when I started focusing on the adults instead of the students. I think that’s where I got lost.

Printing resumes and cover letters now. My resume is attached below in case you want to take a gander. I must say, I think they are pretty A-OK! 😍🥇

Michele Shull

Franklin Park Conservatory

Doug and I took our Friday off to visit my family in Ohio through the weekend. We got to see these two amazing humans, which we certainly do not do enough of… I know that I am really hoping for a Morgantown relocation!🙋🏼🤞🏼

We love guacamole! Duh! 

Right before the Friday night live music, and the drama that went along with it. I don’t think Andrew liked the musician’s hat or something. But as  soon as he started playing, Andrew started boohooing.

Saturday, the girls went to the Franklin Park Conservatory to see the butterflies 🦋 in the exhibit that they release every year. It was beautiful, and always really great to see my Aunt Betsy. A fairy garden in the Palm House as part of the Fairy Garden exhibit. This one in an open book was my favorite. The desert room has to be my favorite room.

An orchid wall in the HimlayasThese two are always all laughs. 

Jules perfecting the ‘head tilt’.These beautiful, blushing Hydrangeas were everywhere! Chihuly glass was throughout the rooms in the Conservatory. This installation was arranged in a pattern much like a sunroof. This installment in particular has been there every since I can remember. I seem to take a photo of it every time I come to Franklin Park. Blooms cascading in the Himalayan RoomChrysali 

More butterflies. These guys were hard to take photos of! My favorite species that were flying around the butterfly exhibit were the Peleides Morpho Butterfly. They are native to Mexico and Central America and are this beautiful iridescent blue. 

The girls and Andrew, looking like a little lump. 🙂

Doug spent the day helping my grandparents and running around with Tim Shull.  He is such a keeper…

Just Good

Today, I had the privilege to be a music teacher for the day at my substituting position. It ended a 4 days of subbing that have left me very fulfilled. Not that I look for affirmation in children; but when a girl not 10 years old brought me a flower this morning in the hallway, it put a smile on my face that I haven’t felt since I left Hargrave. Pictured above was my name on the wipe off board on Tuesday. 2 fifth graders and a sixth grader left me small notes beside my name. Makes me smile still. These tiny humans are restoring my love for learning too.