Put on your nerd glasses

My name is Michele. I am originally from the great state of Ohio, where I went to Otterbein University. This is where I first learned to be an advocate for the middle-level learner. I owe much of my passion for adult and student learners to some professors at this wonderful, tiny school that taught me what an adult advocate for each learner should be by modeling these best practices. With my experiences at Otterbein, graduating with my B.S. in 2009, I felt ready to stretch my wings and took a job in a very rural, Chatham, Virginia in order to relocate to a warmer climate and country living. I stayed employed at a private boarding school for 520160503_080005Β years before relocating to Lynchburg, Virginia.

At Hargrave, I taught middle school science, coached soccer, and managed social media. I wore lots of hats, which really burnt me out. I have taught in my own classroom for 6 years, and this is my first year as an Instructional Technologist, outside of a classroom to call my own.

I hope this blog to be a documentation of my journey to help integrate proper instructional technology into classrooms in the area, as well as a little bit of my personal “techie” journey, living & loving in Lynchburg, Virginia…Because Virginia is for Lovers, ya’ll!

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