Day 1: First Day Back

We had a 2 hour delay today! We had a -8 wind chill this morning that simply took your breath away as soon as you walked outside. Made me worry about my kiddos being outside waiting for buses at stops.

It was a wonderful, easy start to being back from break! It was nice to watch a few minutes of the Today Show to find out that Hoda is the new co-anchor! Love me some Hoda Kotb! 💕

Tomorrow, we have a 2 hour delay as well. I hope everyone stays safe and warm tonight and tomorrow. A total of 3 students all day had their results from their experiments finished coming into class. Out of 86. 🧐 wonder what gives. I must have not been clear about directions.

Glad that we are beginning new material in both Social Studies and Science in 5th grade. The 13 colonies and Classification!

Had quite a few absent and hope I get to see all of them tomorrow and that they are safe and warm!

2 thoughts on “Day 1: First Day Back

  1. Ruth quenemoen says:

    So nice to read your daily blog! It is going to be an exciting New Year. Sounds like a trip to Williamsburg might be in the future! Send me your home e mail.


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