Taking it slow

Pete and I are just enjoying a quiet morning by the fire. It’s really cold here, but sunny. It almost is deceiving from inside the house. I just love our home and the amount of care that goes into making it ours. I thought I would feel antsy to make the blank, new construction slate our own. And, there are times I still do, but taking it slow and allowing it to really be ours has been very fun.

The theory is “let’s enjoy the white walls while they are still white”. HAHA 😆

Today will be mostly work to prep for my first formal observation at school this year, but I am hoping to sneak in some Thanksgiving prep for our first time hosting! Last night, before Doug went for a quick weekend trip to NH, we tried out our new 🦃 fryer and made tons of wings! It was delicious! It’s good to know that both of us can do it and use the fryer for other things. Always learning…