Let the Summering Begin

These photos are simply some inspiring classroom. Spaces from my experience these past few months as a substitute teacher!

I was in 25 classrooms in 6 months!

Such a colorful word wall!

Hating-inspired artwork in the halls! 

EdTech Tool Library: Canva

Disclaimer: Canva in no way sponsored this post.

Canva is an app that allows learners to make memes, presentations, or edit photos. I personally love the interesting filters, text options, and layouts the Canva provides.You select the format you plan to share the photo creation to, whether it be a blog post, sharing to Instagram, or a paper invitation that you want to print. It is a super fun and easy way to make your photos that you snap, or personification of vocabulary words, look professional in order to share them with others. Canva has a paid version, but I choose to use the free version. The photo above was made with Canva. I have found that giving learners to freedom with which to choose the template that goes with the assignment given is the most interesting and empowering way to use Canva in my classroom. Download it to your iOS device, I have it both on my iPhone and iPad. It is available via the web too. 

Check out Canva online here. 

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And here is a teaser of what’s to come from Kacey Bell, one of my favorite bloggeristas at ShakeUpLearning