Certification and Other Happenings

Oh my gosh, you guys. I have enjoyed being at Greensburg Salem Middle School so very much! I have been trying to get involved with all that I can at school and outside of school. I just love it here. I am volunteering at a Color Run for the district and I hope that I can get my foot in the door. I promise I’m a really good teacher, guys! 

Also in other HUGE NEWS, I am officially a licensed teacher in Pennsylvania! I am certified in grades 4-6 in all subjects (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math), and in grades 7-8 in Science! I am so beyond grateful for Doug and my family’s support. I cannot believe that it happened! Yay to the State of Pennsylvania for getting my application process in 4 weeks instead of the posted 7 weeks. It was a pleasant surprise to get the licensure earlier than anticipated. I had been getting anxious because many of the job applications require a PA Teacher’s Certification in order to submit. 

I mailed out our wedding invitations on Monday as well! Yahoo! Keep an eye open for mail day! RSVPs are due on June 22nd. Last day to reserve your hotel room at the Craddock Terry Hotel is June 6th. It is coming up soon, so I wanted to keep ya’ll updated! 

Here is my favorite picture of us from over the weekend at Jess and Jake’s wedding. 

 We went to Jessica and Jake’s wedding in Cape Nettick, Maine. The wedding was lovely and it was oh so nice to see my future family. I already think of them as family right now. It will just be official once I become Michele Shull Loudon! I got to spend time with my future mother-in-law Trina, Doug’s “Uncle” Lester, his brother Ross, and got to spend a whole day with Evan in Bristol, Connecticut! It was a great trip, but I missed my kiddos here at school. Funny how a little amount of time can make you so attached to your students! Hope everyone has had a nice Wednesday!

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