Franklin Park Conservatory

Doug and I took our Friday off to visit my family in Ohio through the weekend. We got to see these two amazing humans, which we certainly do not do enough of… I know that I am really hoping for a Morgantown relocation!🙋🏼🤞🏼

We love guacamole! Duh! 

Right before the Friday night live music, and the drama that went along with it. I don’t think Andrew liked the musician’s hat or something. But as  soon as he started playing, Andrew started boohooing.

Saturday, the girls went to the Franklin Park Conservatory to see the butterflies 🦋 in the exhibit that they release every year. It was beautiful, and always really great to see my Aunt Betsy. A fairy garden in the Palm House as part of the Fairy Garden exhibit. This one in an open book was my favorite. The desert room has to be my favorite room.

An orchid wall in the HimlayasThese two are always all laughs. 

Jules perfecting the ‘head tilt’.These beautiful, blushing Hydrangeas were everywhere! Chihuly glass was throughout the rooms in the Conservatory. This installation was arranged in a pattern much like a sunroof. This installment in particular has been there every since I can remember. I seem to take a photo of it every time I come to Franklin Park. Blooms cascading in the Himalayan RoomChrysali 

More butterflies. These guys were hard to take photos of! My favorite species that were flying around the butterfly exhibit were the Peleides Morpho Butterfly. They are native to Mexico and Central America and are this beautiful iridescent blue. 

The girls and Andrew, looking like a little lump. 🙂

Doug spent the day helping my grandparents and running around with Tim Shull.  He is such a keeper…

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