Praxis down…

I have officially passed all 4 of my Pennsylvania-specific Praxis tests that I took last month. I received the official report this morning. Yippee! One more battery of tests until I can submit my application for Pennsylvania Teaching Licensure. I have them scheduled for March 23rd. They are called the PAPA or PECT tests. They measure basic academic competency in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. They take 4 hours to complete and all three tests are done in one session. So ready for this whole process to be done and sealed in an envelope! 

I have been brainstorming some ideas for posts about substitute teaching so stay tuned! 

2 thoughts on “Praxis down…

  1. meema ruth says:

    YOU GO GIRL,!! I am sure you are asking yourself “why doI have to repeat all of this?”. But, when done, you will have an appreciation of being equal with the rest of your peers and proud of what you are caple of! MM


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