This I Believe

These past few weeks, as we have been living in the various hotels surrounding Pittsburgh, I have been able to do lots of thinking and reflecting over my past 8 years as a classroom teacher, consulting teacher, co-teacher, and even burnt out teacher. I have remembered my love for igniting the fire in a young person’s mind about a topic that he feels passionate about. Today I get to take my first Pennsylvania Praxis Core test over my pedagogy as a teacher. This has really gotten me thinking about what I solidly believe in as an educator.

  1. I believe in granting students choice as much as possible in their learning. Yes, this is part of what I was supposed to advocate upon in Virginia, but as I think about what Young Adolescents need in order to develop their own unique ideas about the world they live on, the first word I land on is CHOICE, and if there cannot be choice about the topics that they wish to learn about, then choice in its delivery. I think I can safely say that I still plan to create flipped videos for my future classroom, once I pass these ridiculous tests AGAIN (Didn’t I pass these in Ohio, then in Virginia again?!) I will still be using Explain Everything to create videos of my instruction, if not only to catalogue it, but for the use of my students on their devices. And they will have devices, if I have to write grants for them until the end of time.
  2. I believe in being an adult advocate for every learner. Students don’t learn from people they don’t like. This is not me saying that students are my friends. They just must know, especially as a young adolescent learner, that their teacher will always be in their corner. Their own cheerleader. Because, sometimes ‘parents just don’t understand’. Every child needs a champion. If you have never seen this video, check it out. Rita Pierson was simply the best. 
  3. I believe that passionate people bring out the best in others. This passion I plan on bringing daily to my own classroom.

Let’s get on with taking this Praxis test, Shull. Photo on 2-13-17 at 8.47 AM.jpg

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