Ikea Hack: Bygel Cart Turned Rose Gold Glam

So, I have had this ugly $30.00 IKEA Bygel cart for 4 years. After getting inspired from all things rose gold and copper lately, I decided to rehab this old guy and try and create something beautiful!

After taking the cart completely apart carefully, I decided to start spray painting!

The look is rose gold and marble. So, after hunting down color examples of the many shades of metallic rose gold spray paint on Pinterest, I snagged this shade at the Bedford Lowe’s. The color is called Rose Gold. I used 1 full can for this project. And I used 3 coats, leaving an hour dry time between coats. Remember to do this project outside in low humidity. If the humidity is too high, your paint will stay tacky longer. Do not paint plastic either! This cart is entirely metal, so make sure you know material you are spray painting! Keep your spray paint hand moving constantly. Keeping a hand still while continuous paint is coming out of the can causes drips. Keep each coat light. 

  I did not paint the trays to the cart. I also chose to discard the drawer because I never used it on my cart. I had bought some marble contact paper on Amazon and used almost all of it on this project. When you use contact paper, remember to go slowly and smooth out the bubbles as you go. If you have a bubble, remove the wrinkle, and use a credit card or a knife to smoothed out the air bubbles or wrinkles.

The project took a total 12 hours with dry time and am obsessed with the result! Leave feedback, people! 😜🍷👯

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