Nice, France

Why is there so much hate in the world? last night, I heard about the terror attack in Nice, France and it has completely broken my heart. This is the third attack in France in 18 months. From the armed gunman attacking Charlie Hebdo, to the Bataclan Theatre, and now a man in a simple lorry truck; these attacks must stop. CnXKBeJVUAA5qre.jpg

This person drove for over a mile, mowing people down as they were dispersing from Bastille Day fireworks. Could you imagine someone simply driving through a crowd on the Fourth of July/. Bastille Day is France’s Independence Day! There people were just celebrating their country! It just all makes me so sick. The total bodycount is up to 84 people. What is this world coming to? Maybe I don’t even need my passport. It seems as though terrorists will stop at nothing to kill those with differing beliefs.


New Hampshire

This summer has, simply put, been just wonderful. Full of travel, as usual! Doug and I went to New Hampshire for a visit with his family for 6 days, followed by a short trip to Nantucket, Massachusetts with Lizey and Steve for the first few weeks of July. We got back on Monday. I have been down for the count recovering from all the travel and catching a stomach virus.

New Hampshire was amazing, as usual. I love the area. The weather was gorgeous. Not one day of rain or dreary weather. Trina hosted a fabulous cookout and it was wonderful to meet two of Adam’s sisters and some of the extended family that I haven’t met yet.

So. Many. Lobster rolls. We ate really well there and I am going to have to begin carb-counting again. The struggle is real. We went to the beach, and out on the boat to watch fireworks, and out to Fenway to watch a Boston Red Sox game, and really got to spend time with family. Always wonderful and much needed. Here are some photos and a map from our gorgeous trip up north.

Click on each plotted point to see what each point is on the map!


Out on Uncle Dick’s boat for fireworks on the 3rd!

We toured the Albacore, one of the US Navy’s first experimental submarines. It was really cool to be inside.

Hanging out in Portsmouth for lunch.

Finally got a chance to walk around Hampton Beach with Doug. He took me to the Sea Ketch, where he used to work as a bartender and bouncer.

The view from our third floor table.


The sand sculpture competitions got defaced one night. Someone literally punched the faces off of the pieces.