Another Type of Coaching

In about a month from now, I officially get a chance to continue my career in the direction of educational consultation. I will be working within the same school district and at one of the schools I was placed at this past school year. This school is a rural middle school in Central Virginia. I am excited and extremely humbled that after such a rocky first year, the amazing teachers in the building and rockstar of a principal want to work with me again this year. Aw shucks.

I will begin a new position within my school district as a Personalized Learning Coach formally at the end of July.

I will be doing many different things within this new role, not many of them are truly different than what I have been endeavoring toward throughout last year as an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT), and some I am still learning. Well, I am definitely still learning all the time.  I will be aiding instructional facilitators (teachers)  in the planning & implementation of 2 mass customized learning environment pilot programs. I am no longer responsible for the technology that aids instruction, but am working to become even more a part of the instruction itself, which is very exciting! The ability to begin this transition throughout June in aiding facilitators to develop curriculum for the upcoming school year has been a true blessing. The vision to transition education out of the industrial model of “sit and get” knowledge needs to change and I am proud to be a part of that change. It is going to be another year of growing and changing to fit the needs of my school and my district.


5 thoughts on “Another Type of Coaching

  1. Lesley says:

    You are *meant* for this! Hate that I’m going to miss getting to be part of such awesomeness. SRMS is a special place.


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