My Newest Challenge

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.

-Coco Chanel, the Legend

This Friday, I have decided to take a chance on myself. I am unsure whether it will be a fruitful endeavor, but I am not making friends in Lynchburg and it seems that each day passes and I am not seizing the moment to be my own boss, to help make women everywhere feel beautiful.


I have decided to take this into my own hands and start to be my own boss! I am still fulfilling my full-time job as an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, but I have always wanted to branch off a bit!

Announcement_SharingAsset_6So I have decided to become a jewelry merchandiser through a great company called Chloe + Isabel. I have another page dedicated to this endeavor at the top of this blog. Here is the link to shop my boutique. All of the jewelry is 100% guaranteed, nickle-free, and gorgeous. I can do pop-up shops and parties and hopefully meet more people in the greater Lynchburg area. If you are interested in “hosting” a pop-up shop online or hosting a pop-up party in your house, email me at anytime! You can earn free jewelry or discounts. And I think I’m a wicked-awesome friend too, if you are asking me!


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