Java Genius

Can we please talk about genius that is the Ninja Coffee Bar*?

My love for coffee began during the summer days somewhere between 2003 and 2005 in Gahanna, Ohio at a coffee shop called Java’s Cyber Espresso Bar. Sadly, it no longer is open. They made a sweet delectable treat called the Mocha Freeze. It was bliss. It was also my first experience with espresso and a correctly-pulled shot. Death_to_stock_photography_Wake_Up_7

I have been on the Kuerig train for a while. K-cups are just easier than dealing with grinding beans and measuring. Until Doug bought me my first espresso machine, I did not commit the time to truly experience coffee for any pleasurable experience other than to mechanically wake me up to entertain and educate young folks all day. Because, really who has time for that in the morning when you haven’t HAD your first cup of Joe yet? Having that espresso machine (Breville and wonderful!) has reminded me of how much I truly enjoy espresso. I worked in college at a coffee shop in Westerville, Ohio called Heavenly Cup Espresso. I enjoyed learning and becoming a coffee connoisseur. This working experience, and the gift of the espresso machine made my Kuerig, and most lately my Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee machine depressing because the coffee was not delicious. The pin bent that punctures the single serving coffee pod and it was causing the machine to be a pain to operate without the pod exploding mid-brew. The way the pin got bent is beside the point. Yummy grounds would appear in your cup. Very disappointing.

Grounds in my mouth, I decided that I should purchase a new coffee maker, the research was overwhelming. The factors that affected the decision I made for Doug and myself, were:

  1. Programmable ahead of time
  2. Has a large water reservoir
  3. Brews hot and cold drinks
  4. Not wasteful

The Ninja Coffee Bar was what I decided on. It has been awesome! I love the brew-over iced coffee component. I have had the system 2 days and have consumed way more coffee than I thought I should or could consume.

*In no way have I been sponsored by anyone in this post, or anyone in general. These are my opinions.

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