Some Spring Break Photos

Took off to paradise last week…

Doug and I drove the stretch of Route 1 to Key west on Saturday morning. We spent the weekend imbibing too much and exploring some of the area. Here are some photos of our adventures. I spared ya’ll the selfies!

Southernmost Point, I can’t help but wonder about the sidewalk even more south behind the fake buoy…

Wondering if this is where my grandfather worked for the Navy at. He was stationed in Key West a few years before Hemingway arrived.

An impressive rooster trying to intimidate me away from my french fries at lunch.

Hemingway’s cats. Just hanging out on a bench outside of the home.

Seriously an impressive place. If you ever get the chance, take the tour! It was fabulous.

The idea that the buyer of the home preserved all of Ernest Hemingway’s original things was amazing. This is the exact way the room was arranged when he wrote approximately 60% of his work!

Skiing the Alps like a Boss.

A cat taking a nap on the bed Hemingway and his meanie wife slept on. She decided to send him to get shock therapy at the Mayo Clinic and it caused him to commit suicide

Another cat maxing and relaxing in the shade off the first floor porch.

Panoramic view of the house

Panoramic view of Hemingway’s writing room

Key Largo

Hot dogs or legs?

A skittish friend on the side of the building

Got to watch the sun go down on the dock with Doug



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