My Monday Motivation

An 8th grade science class was wandering the halls in pairs today with their phones. Naturally, as a techie, I inquired as to what they were doing. They told me that they were doing a seek and find and taking pictures of the following within the school when they found these items:

  • A motor
  • An insulator
  • A conductor
  • A generator
  • A transformer

As an aspiring maker, I jumped in to help. By the end of the class period, one of the students told me that I was her favorite teacher she has ever had. And I don’t have my own classroom anymore. It’s anecdotes like this that make me miss having my own classroom.


3 thoughts on “My Monday Motivation

  1. Ruth quenemoen says:

    Michele….though you didn’t ask for opinions, you know I will always have one! I think you will always fine your own classroom to e the most rewarding. Just think how many teachers look so forward to getting their classroom cleaned up and ready To go in he fall. And how they look forward to that new student exchange each year.

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  2. Lowell Quenemoen says:

    Hi, I sent you a note n your “comment” line. It wanted to tell ou that Lowell is going to send you. Some books he is reading in preparation for a talk he is going to give on Nano technology. Also, we wanted you to know that’ll we appreciate your generous offer to drive our beasts out. Am. It sure how well they will be by the and I just feel like they are our responsibility,especially since they are getting old and really depend on me to know what they need. But, we would still love to have you and Doug visit us in MT and here in lex. Whenever you can. The drive is long but fun (especially without kids/pets, etc. 2 days and you will be in a wonderful home on the river with America of the most beautiful hiking trails ever. Our home is not far at all com our other little ranch. So, Michele you know how beautiful Montana is. Redo is Fathers Day weekend! Hope you can make it. Love from the old and ailing animal farm. Wait till you see MAX!!!

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