Lynchstock 2016


This weekend, we went to a local music festival called Lynchstock. The bands were great, the sound wasn’t great. I was right next to the sound booth and could not hear anything. Maybe it was because of all the people around me not listening to the music and talking about their conjoined hair care plans.


“We only wash our hair once a week and have noticed it’s so much healthier.”

Really?! Well you should have different hair care plans because you have different genitalia. That is all. Could have been way better if there were less man buns and Liberty chicks.

My Newest Challenge

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.

-Coco Chanel, the Legend

This Friday, I have decided to take a chance on myself. I am unsure whether it will be a fruitful endeavor, but I am not making friends in Lynchburg and it seems that each day passes and I am not seizing the moment to be my own boss, to help make women everywhere feel beautiful.


I have decided to take this into my own hands and start to be my own boss! I am still fulfilling my full-time job as an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, but I have always wanted to branch off a bit!

Announcement_SharingAsset_6So I have decided to become a jewelry merchandiser through a great company called Chloe + Isabel. I have another page dedicated to this endeavor at the top of this blog. Here is the link to shop my boutique. All of the jewelry is 100% guaranteed, nickle-free, and gorgeous. I can do pop-up shops and parties and hopefully meet more people in the greater Lynchburg area. If you are interested in “hosting” a pop-up shop online or hosting a pop-up party in your house, email me at anytime! You can earn free jewelry or discounts. And I think I’m a wicked-awesome friend too, if you are asking me!


IFTTT: If This Then That

When I teach students about if statements in CS (Computer science), many times I use example form cause and effect relationships as my jumping-off point. When something occurs, an action happens, like your hand placed on a hot stove. This is an if statement or a switch in code.

There is a great website and service called IFTTT, pronounced “ift”, and it’s a way to automate and connect almost all of your services that do not necessarily play well together by using connected apps called Do and If.

It uses triggers, either automatic triggers in the Do Recipes or using If Recipes which depend on another action to run. This automates the services you sign up for online, as well as various devices in your connected home, your smartphones, even potentially your car! Of course that would mean you’re not driving a 2005 Honda Civic with part of the bumper chewed off like mine.

For those of you reading this that think I’m speaking another language, and I kind of am. Here is an example of an If Recipe that I have personally enabled on my personal devices to save me time. If Recipes are automatic r connected services, depending on you, and Do Recipes are triggered by an app, or another trigger that you dictate. I usually use my smartwatch to trigger my Do Recipes.

Here are some examples If Recipes that I have personally enabled on my personal devices to save me time.

Here are two examples Do Recipes that I have personally enabled on my personal devices to save me time.

You can also create your own recipes that work for you. So anytime, you wake up in the morning, you can receive an alert at a specific time if there is a forecast for rain. It is awesome and nerdy and amazing!

Central Virginia Artisan Spotlight: Meanwhile Back on the Farm

Vintage Lynchburg Spring Market is a mere 3 weeks away! My sister and my mom are coming from Ohio and West Virginia to be a part of the best craft show I have ever been to! It’s like a festival for Etsy Shops. Check out my Instagram for pictures from the past 2 market events (Fall 2015 and Spring 2015) @teachtechgirl . At the last market, I met the most wonderful family who makes this jalapeño mustard and grabbed a jar. Ever since, I have been trying to get my hands on another jar. We love it on sandwiches and with pretzels! It has the perfect amount of heat and tang. It’s perfect. And I am not a huuuuge mustard fan. 

Heather and Bobby Harris the owners of Meanwhile Back on the Farm, make quality leather goods. I’m talking handmade and beautiful leather goods. My favorite is the canvas and leather waxed tote bags, each made individually by them and lined with Liberty of London fabric. Such care and finesse goes into each one. I am currently lusting after this one below! She also makes needlepoint key fobs and has recently added the hat I purchased in various colors and some tees in their shop. My package came on Saturday and I just had to share with you all my love for this small local company. Check them out here

Java Genius

Can we please talk about genius that is the Ninja Coffee Bar*?

My love for coffee began during the summer days somewhere between 2003 and 2005 in Gahanna, Ohio at a coffee shop called Java’s Cyber Espresso Bar. Sadly, it no longer is open. They made a sweet delectable treat called the Mocha Freeze. It was bliss. It was also my first experience with espresso and a correctly-pulled shot. Death_to_stock_photography_Wake_Up_7

I have been on the Kuerig train for a while. K-cups are just easier than dealing with grinding beans and measuring. Until Doug bought me my first espresso machine, I did not commit the time to truly experience coffee for any pleasurable experience other than to mechanically wake me up to entertain and educate young folks all day. Because, really who has time for that in the morning when you haven’t HAD your first cup of Joe yet? Having that espresso machine (Breville and wonderful!) has reminded me of how much I truly enjoy espresso. I worked in college at a coffee shop in Westerville, Ohio called Heavenly Cup Espresso. I enjoyed learning and becoming a coffee connoisseur. This working experience, and the gift of the espresso machine made my Kuerig, and most lately my Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee machine depressing because the coffee was not delicious. The pin bent that punctures the single serving coffee pod and it was causing the machine to be a pain to operate without the pod exploding mid-brew. The way the pin got bent is beside the point. Yummy grounds would appear in your cup. Very disappointing.

Grounds in my mouth, I decided that I should purchase a new coffee maker, the research was overwhelming. The factors that affected the decision I made for Doug and myself, were:

  1. Programmable ahead of time
  2. Has a large water reservoir
  3. Brews hot and cold drinks
  4. Not wasteful

The Ninja Coffee Bar was what I decided on. It has been awesome! I love the brew-over iced coffee component. I have had the system 2 days and have consumed way more coffee than I thought I should or could consume.

*In no way have I been sponsored by anyone in this post, or anyone in general. These are my opinions.

Some Spring Break Photos

Took off to paradise last week…

Doug and I drove the stretch of Route 1 to Key west on Saturday morning. We spent the weekend imbibing too much and exploring some of the area. Here are some photos of our adventures. I spared ya’ll the selfies!

Southernmost Point, I can’t help but wonder about the sidewalk even more south behind the fake buoy…

Wondering if this is where my grandfather worked for the Navy at. He was stationed in Key West a few years before Hemingway arrived.

An impressive rooster trying to intimidate me away from my french fries at lunch.

Hemingway’s cats. Just hanging out on a bench outside of the home.

Seriously an impressive place. If you ever get the chance, take the tour! It was fabulous.

The idea that the buyer of the home preserved all of Ernest Hemingway’s original things was amazing. This is the exact way the room was arranged when he wrote approximately 60% of his work!

Skiing the Alps like a Boss.

A cat taking a nap on the bed Hemingway and his meanie wife slept on. She decided to send him to get shock therapy at the Mayo Clinic and it caused him to commit suicide

Another cat maxing and relaxing in the shade off the first floor porch.

Panoramic view of the house

Panoramic view of Hemingway’s writing room

Key Largo

Hot dogs or legs?

A skittish friend on the side of the building

Got to watch the sun go down on the dock with Doug



My Monday Motivation

An 8th grade science class was wandering the halls in pairs today with their phones. Naturally, as a techie, I inquired as to what they were doing. They told me that they were doing a seek and find and taking pictures of the following within the school when they found these items:

  • A motor
  • An insulator
  • A conductor
  • A generator
  • A transformer

As an aspiring maker, I jumped in to help. By the end of the class period, one of the students told me that I was her favorite teacher she has ever had. And I don’t have my own classroom anymore. It’s anecdotes like this that make me miss having my own classroom.