Virginia GAFE Summit, A Reflection

It has been over a week since I went to the Virginia GAFE Summit in Charlottesville, Virginia. I truly enjoyed it. It was a very affirming experience. What we are doing in my district is the right thing for students. Isn’t that the whole reason we do what we do as teachers? To make a learner’s life better and influence them in the right direction to be productive members of society? Here are some of the major tools I took away:

  1. I won a premium membership to PearDeck! There is also a free version I have used before. It is a presentation and embedded formative assessment tool that teachers and students can use. Love it.
  2. If This Then That: a way to connect the different apps that you love to use. You create recipes that connect apps that normally don’t “play well” together. For example, I set up my Instagram and Google Drive accounts to automatically save a digital copy of every Instagram post I create in a folder so that I never lose them! It is a great way to connect your apps you use.
  3. How to use Google My Maps to create interactive maps your students can use and create using their GAFE account! I would have loved having the ability to plot Tom Saywer’s journey in English class and showing that map to my teacher. The things I wish I could have used in school, if they had been created then is amazing.
  4. Choice Eliminator 2 takes away choices when people are using a Google Form when another user selects it. Maybe you are choosing project topics and someone takes your choice, that choice disappears on the Google Form! How cool!
  5. Google Books will now find a copy of the book you are looking for in a LIBRARY near you! I will be using this right now to search for the book David Jakes suggested called Make Space by the Stanford’s D School (School of Design)

IMG_3306 2.jpg


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