A Leap

Hello, world. I have felt very stagnant about this starting a blog process. And, to be honest, I have been thinking about it for about 4 years. I have always affiliated myself with the district that I was working in at the time, but I really think that the blogging process should be about a audience greater than the teachers that I serve in a nearby county to Lynchburg, Virginia. I have tried Tumblr, Blogger, and Google Sites for work-related projects. However, this blog will be hosted by only me via WordPress.


“Be Smart” Pencils. 

At the root of TeachTechGrl, I will share many different educational technology resources, screencasts, and general events that provoke a push of the nerd glasses up the bridge of my
(and hopefully your) nose. I am going to only post pictures, beliefs, and videos that I have myself made. Although I love social bookmarking, I am at a point where I believe it is necessary to post artifacts of my creation instead of curation.

Why does what I say matter? I wonder what the answer to this question will be. Perhaps, in time the answer will become clearer.


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