Day 5: R.I.P. Coco

I am pretty upset tonight, so I’m just going to post this picture and process a bit. Coco had to be put down today because of an accident that occurred in the cage this weekend.

Here are some pictures of the girls. Coco is the light tan gerbil.

Day 3: Another short day

Today was another 2 hour delay at YSWPCS. And tomorrow, we just got a day off for the frigid temperatures. It will be nice. I didn’t feel ready to come back from holiday break. We discussed North Korea, and who Kim Jung-un is! It was a great conversation in both 4th grade Social Studies classes.

Day 2: 🌋 and 🐬Adaptations

Today was the second 2-hour delay of the week and it was greeted with the same enthusiasm. Again, I was able to accomplish a portion of the lesson with the kiddos at school. Both 4th grade science courses were able to differentiate between incomplete and complete metamorphosis. 🐛🦋🦗That was such a win! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

So, we get to move on to lesson 5 on the differences between physical and behavioral adaptations within animals! We will be doing an investigation in our Interactive Notebooks tomorrow and focusing on the differences various organisms use to survive the wild.

We sorted writing ✍️ utensils to help us represent the purpose of classification of living organisms within the various kingdoms! Talked about the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates and will be assessing student understanding tomorrow. Cross your fingers! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Day 1: First Day Back

We had a 2 hour delay today! We had a -8 wind chill this morning that simply took your breath away as soon as you walked outside. Made me worry about my kiddos being outside waiting for buses at stops.

It was a wonderful, easy start to being back from break! It was nice to watch a few minutes of the Today Show to find out that Hoda is the new co-anchor! Love me some Hoda Kotb! 💕

Tomorrow, we have a 2 hour delay as well. I hope everyone stays safe and warm tonight and tomorrow. A total of 3 students all day had their results from their experiments finished coming into class. Out of 86. 🧐 wonder what gives. I must have not been clear about directions.

Glad that we are beginning new material in both Social Studies and Science in 5th grade. The 13 colonies and Classification!

Had quite a few absent and hope I get to see all of them tomorrow and that they are safe and warm!


This year, I will be a better blogger, if for no one else but for my future students’ benefit! I really lack the reflective skills necessary to exceed proficiency as a teacher.

I have resolutions, but need to make one: to document my successes and failures daily. So here it is in writing. Because a person who simply writes down her goals on a regular basis is 42% more likely to follow through! HuffPost article is linked above.

My 2018 smart goal is:

I will write a blog entry every teaching day during a prep period or immediately following my commute in order to more clearly establish reflective practices as a teacher.

Taking it slow

Pete and I are just enjoying a quiet morning by the fire. It’s really cold here, but sunny. It almost is deceiving from inside the house. I just love our home and the amount of care that goes into making it ours. I thought I would feel antsy to make the blank, new construction slate our own. And, there are times I still do, but taking it slow and allowing it to really be ours has been very fun.

The theory is “let’s enjoy the white walls while they are still white”. HAHA 😆

Today will be mostly work to prep for my first formal observation at school this year, but I am hoping to sneak in some Thanksgiving prep for our first time hosting! Last night, before Doug went for a quick weekend trip to NH, we tried out our new 🦃 fryer and made tons of wings! It was delicious! It’s good to know that both of us can do it and use the fryer for other things. Always learning…


I have wanted this table to be my family’s kitchen table before I even knew who my family would be. For at least 6 years, I would wish that this table would still be for sale when my time would come to think about building a home with my person. My Doug. Welcome to the family, Emmerson table.

Hope you are worn in well with Thanksgiving dinners, epic grading sessions, long talks, and tablescapes. And one day in the future, sticky hands and drawings for the refrigerator.

A Mr. Rogers Life

Today, I got to watching videos on YouTube… most of you know the rabbit hole you find yourself in from time to time.

I found this video. And it got me thinking about how I can be as empathetic, encouraging, and kind to others large and small. What kind of pledge can you make?